About Melinda Myrow

At its best, visual art takes you inside and outside yourself

Sensation and perception metamorphosed into visual expression, I work from memory, without physical references. A lifelong artist, the emphasis in my current work is to create illusion and visual texture through painting/drawing/printmaking, in as unconscious a state as possible. I never map out a piece, choosing instead to approach the painting surface directly, in a straight-ahead way.

Time stands still, when I’m mulling, envisioning, relaxing my mind - then, when the moment is ripe( right), I jump in and begin to paint, rapidly and subconsciously, like a sprinter. I have a respect for serendipity in the work, and one of my more concrete intentions is to not define, rather to allow mysterious forces to meld with my art acumen.

Elements that can be found in my art: curves, interrelationships - visual and emotional, concave and convex, natural shapes (and unnatural shapes!), nuance, form to form.

My methods are self-developed, and experimentation and exploration (inward and outward) are my cues and motivation. I strive for perfect imperfection and genuineness in my work.

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